Vik Semko

Vik Semko

Vik Semko

Vik Semko

Real Estate Broker

Commitment and transparency are my two key pillars that hold the foundation of my service. Connect with me, and find out more about the unique solutions my team offers for the tough marketplace that we’re in. 

Here, at JH1, we will be able to provide you with multiple solutions for whatever situation you’re dealing with, and recommend the right one after a complimentary consultation. Whether you’re behind on your mortgage payments, need interest-free funds and our contractor resources to remodel your home before putting it on the market to get top dollar. If you’re a buyer looking to compete in this low-inventory market, we have unique solutions and benefits we offer each of our client’s unique scenarios. 

My goal is to make your move, equity liquidation, or investment to be as stress-free as possible, while saving money along the process. Let’s talk! 

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The JH1 Team is a select group of professionals who enthusiastically embrace diversity. Through their collaborative efforts, the team lives, serves and represents their community and elevates the real estate experience by offering competent and timely guidance and impeccable service.

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